Ann's Work

Abstract + Expressive Art

I am exploring the exciting and challenging world of abstract and expressive art.  I have always been deeply inspired by the magnificence of my natural surroundings, colors, and perspective of distance and space.   I am using layers and depth of paint and texture to bring some of the painting more into the foreground.  In some cases I use the opposite with areas of smooth paint and soft colors to create a sense of journey into space, quietness, the unknown and ecstasy.  I enjoy the lusciousness of oil and find that it lends itself well to the freedom and creative intuition of abstraction. Abstract 1 through Abstract X are part of a series called Transcendent. 

"The artist is one who carries and shapes the unconscious psychic life of mankind" Carl Jung

All except for the most recent all the paintings have been in juried shows and some are currently in galleries.



Plein air work along with wonderful instructors has been a foundation of my painting.  By taking the outdoor scene deeply inside which happens when you are in the immediate moment capturing the scene I am able to bring that excitement back to the studio with me.  I always photograph the scene and tend to take a number of photos onsite.  Some of these I paint at a later time in my studio and the experience of being there returns as I paint.

Plein Air

I began painting with a group of plein air artists in Santa Fe, NM from May through October in and around the Sangre de Cristo Rocky Mountain range in the 1980’s.  I find painting outdoors endears me to the scene I have selected and I can still recall the feelings of that day vividly years later.  Now, in SC I continue to paint on location, close to home and further afield.  We often go to a location on a trip where we know we’ll enjoy painting the local scene.